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Club Colours

Roughnecks - This is the term we use to identify ourselves and our Club because of the rough and harsh realities of our offices as public servants. 


A Roughneck is trustworthy, loyal, tough and resilient. A Roughneck protects society from predators and doesn't take shit from anyone. 

Dealing with the dangers and the problems within our society, a public servant must be a Roughneck. 


Respecting All and Fearing None! 


Red - The colour red represents the blood of the public service personnel who were killed or injured in the line of duty, protecting society and preserving the North American way of life. 


Gold - The colour Gold, like rare metal, represents the precious value of trust and loyalty to our family, friends, and our Country!


Brown Cowboy Hat - Symbolizes the southwest and the American Cowboy. Its brown colour is from the dust trails and open ranges we cross with the rising sun at our backs and the wind in our faces as we ride upon iron steeds.  


Human Skull with Glowing Red Eyes - The skull symbolizes the unyielding and undying spirit of the public servant we call Johnny Law. His eyes are the red fire of justice, intense, burning through the darkness of the soulless guilty. 


Star within a Circle - The star within a circle represents the shield worn by all within the public safety community. It is the symbol of the public's trust and confidence within its protectors. We wear it proudly in our colours, because of its significance to the communities we serve. 


Crossed Pistols - The crossed PeaceKeeper pistols are the symbols of Law Enforcement and the tools of public safety personnel and the military to maintain law and order within our lands and the lands of others.

Rouchnecks MC Contry Logo.gif
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